Hot Tub


We fill the tub with our own spring water and there are no chemicals added. The water is heated by a wood burner and wood is provided. We recommend that you drain the hot tub after use. You can then clean the hot tub and leave it empty ready to refill with fresh water when you want to use the hot tub again.

Always shower thoroughly before entering the tub.

To use the hot tub, remove the lid and begin filling the hot tub with water using the green hose. The hose will hook onto the edge of the tub and can be kept in place by the brown insulated cover. The cover is fairly light and must be clipped in place if the weather is windy. The hot tub will take around 40 mins to fill so please stay close by and keep checking on it. Once the water level has covered the level indicated, above the hot water inlet pipe, then you can light the fire.

Remove the hose and replace the cover. The water can take up to two hours to warm up so keep checking the water temperature, stirring regularly to mix the water to ensure an even temperature. Keep feeding the fire with plenty of wood, particularly towards the back of the stove. Open the air vent to increase air flow if needed. Black suede stove gloves are provided in order to safely open the stove when andding firewood. When the water is up to temperature remove the lid and carefully store it away from the wood burner. Use the paddle to stir the water and check the water temperature again before getting into the tub.

A thermometer is provided and you should not use the hot tub if the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius. Either add more cold water or wait until the temperature has reduced before entering the hot tub.

At a temperature between 39 and 40 degrees Celsius, time in the hot tub should be limited to 20 minutes. Exceeding this time limit can affect your inner organs and cause fever like symptoms. If the temperature remains below this level your time in the hot tub can be extended to one hour.

Ensure that you stay comfortable and well hydrated while using the hot tub. Excessive use of the hot tub can result in nausea, dizziness or fainting. If you feel uncomfortable, then leave the hot tub until you cool down.

When entering and leaving the hot tub please take care as the steps and hot tub itself may be slippery. On leaving the hot tub your muscles may be very relaxed and you could feel unsteady, so move slowly and take care.

Please do not use any bubble baths, soaps or bath salts in the hot tub. The water circulates through the wood burner and any additives could damage the back boiler. Save the bubbles for the indoor bath and embrace the ritual an all natural forest bath.

YOU MUST ENSURE THAT THE WOOD BURNER IS NO LONGER BURNING AND THAT THE WATER IS COLD BEFORE YOU EMPTY THE HOT TUB. To empty the tub, turn the orange handle on the drain valve anti-clockwise . The drain valve is located underneath the hot tub steps. The water will drain through the decking and into the trees.

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